Professional Tantrika

In Boston
November 19th - 26th
December 20th - January 7th


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Something About Me

I believe in the importance of decadence. With extensive massage training in Swedish, deep tissue, reiki, and creating ceremonial space, plus three years of experience doing full time independent sensual massage, my understanding of energy is unusual. I make a therapeutic ritual space created by a trained quality of erotic presence, energetic attunement, and the ability to hold a field of communion.

I have a tight petite all natural body, quirky sense of humor, and sharp mind. My most noticeable aspects are my mane of curly red hair and the delectable curve of my ass. I'm gifted in cultivating intimate connection instantaneously by subtly dropping into tantric energy. These moments of connection are so valuable in a world of separation.


Sensual Massage

Sensual massage, when perfected to an art form, is a quick dive into escape from the ordinary into the extraordinary realm of fantasy. It is captivating in its momentary dip into the physical relaxation of deep massage as well as its ability to pull you out of a stressful work day and into the undeniable beauty of a sensual connection made sweet by release. I hypnotize you with slow dance and flickering gaze, light to hard, soft to sensual, then deliver you back to the world renewed.

Hour $300
Hour and a Half $500


After completing the Bondassage training, I experimented with different soft aspects of sensation play, restraint, and erotic edging and denial. This session takes you into the world of harder play, slight submission, and fantasy. People often say I border bdsm without the tools, but with them, I can also enchant. Expect the unexpected.

Hour and a Half

Fully Nude
Add $100 to any session


This is a complete session, with time for sipping red wine, getting to know each other, and dropping into a deeper energy together, without the rush. These sessions are by far my favorite as we can slowly cultivate a sensation of safety, familiarity and mutual release. I delight in time cuddling and breathing with you, plus an hour long massage edging you ever so slightly back and forth all the while, and pulling you into my experience of bliss and sustained pleasure. Explore the realms of poetry. Tantra is sometimes gentle, other times utterly cosmic, and promises to leave you with a day-long distracted smile. Leave time for recovery.

Two Hours

Divine Worship

“Attention is the beginning of devotion.” ~Mary Oliver
Two and a half hours of immersive indulgence for true devotees of the Divine Temple, this session includes time for sampling absolutely everything on the menu. After an introductory wine with fruit platter, you’ll experience intimate cuddles, sensual massage, the prolonged art of edging, the restraint and sensation play of Bondassage, optional pain (I am petite yet fierce) and pleasure juxtaposition, as well as the delicious delicacy of completion and mutual release. No full service sexual contact included. It is simply not needed for this level of sustained mind-fucking kink. Sapiosexuals expected. Arrive human, leave Divine.

Two and a Half Hours

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